The impact of the internet

High quality Content

All types of optimization are only effective with a combination of high quality and unique content. Ideally, the text contains keywords that emphasise the theme of the whole post.

The content should be of a good quality which is understandable, use your keywords well and remember the text should be written primarily for customers/visitors.

Start Exchanging back links

Use back links with other relevant websites relating to your topics and with high page ranked websites.
Also try to link between pages within your website (internal links), but do this with caution and only if it’s relevant

Using Google Adsense

To start with you need obviously need a website to use with the AdSense tool, Google have set some rules and criteria for websites that want to use the tool, but all you need to really do it make sure that you make a honest and legitimate site that has a purpose besides just making money off the Google AdSense tool.
all the sign up instructions, when you get to the final page click submit to get finish off the registering process.

Like most sign ups, you will get a notification email where you will need to follow the link for you initial log in.

When logging in you will need the HTML code that approves the site, then you will need you username and password, then click on the AdSense setup button, then AdSense for content, after this select the Ad unit and continue, then at the final screen select Ad formant and then continue.

You will then need to paste the generated ad code you have into the right section of the site, you will then see a grey ‘Google AdSense’ box where you will find a HTML code, you then need to copy this into the user website you will see there is a specific box for this to paste into.

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