DCH - Ultimate WordPress seo tips

Your Word Press Guide

High quality Content

All types of optimization are only effective with a combination of high quality and unique content. Ideally, the text contains keywords that emphasise the theme of the whole post.
The content should be of a good quality which is understandable, use your keywords well and remember the text should be written primarily for customers/visitors.

Start Exchanging back links

Use back links with other relevant websites relating to your topics and with high page ranked websites.
Also try to link between pages within your website (internal links), but do this with caution and only if it’s relevant.

Use permalinks, including keywords.

Use an understandable permalink but please note that only the first four words in a permalink are relevant.

Use search engine optimized themes

Some themes use a lot code to create the layout and design.
Google will go through the source code to see if there’s relevant content. The more code you have, the lower the content and the lower keyword density will be.
Quick performing themes are extremely good for your Google ranking, since the performance of a website is one of two hundred criteria that determine your ranking. More information see Benedict. He probably has a much better take on this than us.

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